Office visit


  • Medicare: DC and VA
  • Medicaid: coming soon
  • BlueCross Blue Shield: Accepted for most plans
  • CareFirst: Accepted for most plans
  • Aetna: Accepted for most plans
  • Cigna: Accepted for most plans
  • United Health Plan: Accepted for most plans.
  • Kaiser: NOT accepted

Cash pay Services:

New patient first visit and intake and review — $120
Existing patient sick visit — $85 
Camp/back to school physical —$99
(includes full history, physical with ht/wt/BP/vision/hearing, forms, no immunizations)
Annual physical exam —$150 Plus Lab cost (price depends on testing items)

Additional Charges/Services:

Extended visit (over 30 minutes) — $20
Holiday — $20
Inclement Weather Hazard— $20
Incision and drainage of a wound — $29
Nebulizer treatment— $29
Phone call advice — $20
Pulse oximetry — $15
School or camp forms only — $30
Strep test — $35
Flu test — $65
Hearing screening — $29
vison screening — $29

—Medications charged separately 

Payment is expected at the time of service: cash, check, PayPal, Zelle, or credit card (Visa, MC, Disc, or AMEX).

A copy of your visit with charges will be provided for you for each patient seen to submit to your insurance (or flexible spending account) if desired or required and to follow up with your primary care provider.