COVID-19 UPDATE 12/28/2020 7:15PM EST:

Attention:Chinese Embassy has new rule, starting 12/23/2020. Please read carefully and schedule/reschedule your trip. We have partner labs in LA and SF, and we can schedule your visit for travelers leaving LA and San Francisco. For patients who already filled the form for either refund or reschedule, the process is done mainly on 12/23/2020. If you still have a chance to fill out the form, please do it as soon as possible. Here is the link.


If you are traveling and need a reliable COVID-19 test result before taking a flight, please finish our application form and book your sampling time below.

Our tests are trusted and ACCEPTED by governments and airlines for travel. However, we are not airline company or government, we can not guarantee what other people do. Thank you for your understanding and support. Please click below if you want to schedule a test with us. Our previous test times are provided for reference, but there is no guarantee for our future test times because the lab processing times can vary.


Newly update: 1/1/2021 IgM can be tested, PCR can NOT. 12/31/2020 IgM and PCR both can be tested, but result will be slow. Outside of normal lab operating days extra charge (weekends, 12/24,12/25,12/26, 12/27,12/31, 1/1, 1/2, 1/3), there will be $200 extra charge from lab.

最新动态:1/1/2021 (元旦期间),IgM正常检测, PCR不能检测。12/31/2020 IgM和PCR都可以检测,但是出结果速度会比较慢。非实验室正常工作时间(周末,12/24,12/25, 12/26, 12/27,12/31,1/1,1/2,1/3)实验室额外收取200美金加班费。

诊所短信专线 (Text line): (202) 876-2873 (回复最快/ Prefer)
诊所电话:(571) 441-0233 (尽量不要打,以防诊所错过重要电话,例如使馆抽查核实电话或实验室电话。)(Please try to avoid to call, just in case we might miss some important phone call, such as Embassy call or lab call. Thanks.)

COVID-19 Test for Travel

We offer a cash based service for people who need COVID-19 RT-PCR test in a timely manner for travel. You can expect results within 48 hours.
Click here to request a COVID-19 test before travel only.

Acute Care

Minor Acute conditions: acute otitis media, viral and strep pharyngitis, upper respiratory infection, bronchitis, urinary tract infection, minor skin infections, oral sores such as herpes labialis, contact dermatitis, otitis externa and sinusitis.

Chronic Care

Non complicated chronic care: Primary Hypertension, DM, Thyroid function monitoring


Vision, Hearing, STIs screening(HIV and more), DM screening

Skin Issue

Acne: Combination therapy,
Minor skin infection, dermatitis


Annual Physical, Sports Physical, School Physical, Administrative Physical, DOT Physical

Lab Test

In-house lab testing for common items: Rapid strep test, Rapid Flu test, Rapid UA, blood draw for CBC, CMP, Thyroid Function Panel with TSH, Liver Function Penal, Kidney Function Penal, Vitamin D, Breathing test, and more.

Send out for special testing items: D-Dimer and more

Costmetic Procedures

We work closely with Premier MedSpa VA for cosmetic procedures, such as Botox, PRP, Microneedling, PDO threads, Mesotherapy and more.

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